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CB not installed - our new website

It's finally here - come on in and check out our new website.

Without doubt you have noticed that we finally made it. We have a new website! We are very excited about the new design - after it has been in development for a few months!

Quite many of you have told and asked us to update our website. And we heard you. However we didn't just want to update the content, but also felt the need for a new design and layout. So we asked our webmaster to completely re-code it from the ground up. And here's the result.


Use it everywhere - we're ready for your mobile

The technology and the way we access information on the internet has dramatically changed since the last makeover of our website. We digest online information everywhere and anytime with more of us accessing the internet through our smart phones and tablets. Our new website is ready for this and is now fully responsive to mobile devices. So when you are visiting our website on your smart phone or tablet the layout will adapt to the smaller screen resolution.

"Light" was the keyword and main driver for the redesign of our new website. When we started the work we already knew it had to be easier to read and navigate for the users. With respect to readability this meant brighter colors and more white space. The navigation was simplified by putting the main menu on top of the page where it stays even when you navigate through the different parts of the website.


Content split into sections

All content is now accessible via a few menu items to make it easier for you to read and quickly find the information you are looking for.

  • Home

Here you can find the latest updates and headlines about upcoming and recent events. When you enter the link to our website ( in your browser you immediately see what's going on.

  • News & Events

Know what's going on and check our 'News & Events' section. Info about upcoming events and short news about what has happened in the past.

  • About

Do you want to learn more about - then visit our 'About Us' section and read about our history and goals. We also show you how easily you can become a member of

  • Contact

Would you like to share something with us? You can always do so by sending us an e-mail or by using our online contact form.


Things to Come

We want to keep you up-to-date and we also want to be up-to-date. This is why we have already launched our new website despite it is not yet completely finished. We’ve got plans in place to work on continued improvements and additional features:

  • Members section

We are currently re-programming our members section. While we're doing so you will not yet be able to access your personal profile and edit your own data. But this will be soon the case.

  • Online registration

Together with our 'Members' section we are also re-doing our online registration form. If you are not a member yet, you will soon be able to register online. In the meantime please send us an e-mail if you would like to become a member.