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Article 1 – Name and Statutory Address

NYU.CH is an Association formed in accordance with articles 60 ff of the Swiss Civil Code. The provisions of the Swiss Civil Code shall apply for all matters not specifically covered in these Articles of Association.

The statutory address is at the domicile of its secretary, unless the Committee decides otherwise.


Article 2 - Purpose

The purpose of NYU.CH is:

a)      to maintain contacts among the residents of Switzerland and Liechtenstein and the surrounding area who have attended the programs of New York University (hereinafter "NYU"),

b)      to maintain contacts with NYU and

c)      to contribute to NYU's worldwide reputation of excellence, for instance by assisting Swiss students who wish to attend postgraduate studies at NYU and by encouraging individual or group contributions to NYU or its constituent schools.

To achieve the above purpose, the Association intends to facilitate exchange programs between Swiss universities and NYU, for instance by paying the Swiss tuition of an NYU student for two semesters at the Universities of Basle, Bern, Fribourg, Geneva, Neuchâtel, Luzern, Lugano, St. Gallen or Zurich, if possible under a tax deductible contribution scheme, approved by the Swiss tax authorities.

The Association will also maintain a website, including a directory of graduates who are residents of Switzerland or Liechtenstein, and a link to other NYU websites.

Finally, the Association will in principle hold one or two meetings every year for business and/or social and networking opportunities to which all members are invited.


Article 3 - Membership

Any person who studied at NYU and who is a resident of Switzerland or Liechtenstein or of the surrounding area may become member of the Association.

Members who leave the above mentioned geographical area may remain members as long as they meet the other conditions.

Membership starts and ends with the related Committee decision.


Article 4 - Obligations of Members - Resources of the Association

Members must pay the statutory membership contribution of CHF 100.-. The Association may also receive gifts or other contributions, including from NYU-related entities, to promote its activities.

Members must indicate an e-mail address where all communications can be validly addressed to them. They must insure that any change of address is communicated to the Secretary.

Members who cannot be reached are suspended, but may be re-admitted at anytime, without having to pay again the membership contribution.

Members have no further obligation and incur no liability beyond the membership contribution.

Members are however firmly invited to participate in the meetings organized by NYU.CH and to make special contributions to fund specific projects.


Article 5 - Meeting of the Members

The formal meeting of the members will take place as often as the Committee (Management) deems it necessary. Members may be represented at such a meeting by proxy given to another member or to the Secretary of the Association.

All decisions and elections, which are not by law subject to special majority or quorum requirements, may also be transacted by e-mail, provided the proposed decisions are supported by a majority of the members that could be reached, and provided less than five members requested that the decision be taken at a meeting of the members. There is therefore no need for an Ordinary Meeting of the members.


Article 6 - Committee (Management)

The Committee (Management) is composed of at least three members; a majority of them must be members of the Association. An NYU appointed representative could for instance be elected to the Committee, without having to fulfill the conditions to become member of the Association.

All decisions not imperatively reserved by the Swiss Civil Code to the Meeting of the members are delegated to the Committee. The Committee shall therefore be in charge of the Management of the Association's affairs.

The Committee shall manage the affairs of the Association and designate the Chairperson (or President), the Vice-Chairperson (or Vice-President), the Secretary and the Treasurer. The proposed functions of the Committee members, which may be cumulated, are communicated at the time the Committee members are proposed for election.


Article 7 - Power to Represent NYU.CH

The signature of any two members of the Committee binds the Association. In principle one of the signatures is the one of the Chairperson or vice Chairperson and, for financial matters, one of the two signatories is normally the Treasurer.


Article 8 - Internal Rules

The Committee may adopt such internal rules as it deems necessary or useful to manage effectively the affairs of the Association.


Article 9 - Dissolution

In case of dissolution of the association, the net assets shall be transferred to a public institution having a similar purpose as the association. A transfer of assets to founders or members as well as any use of assets for their benefit, irrespective of the amount and the reason therefore, is excluded.


Article 10 - Miscellaneous

The business year shall end on December 31, for the first time on December 31, 2000.

Notices to the members are sent to the last e-mail address communicated by the members to the Committee. If, for any reason, they have received no communication from the Association during one year they should contact the Chairperson or the Secretary to make sure that they have not been omitted by mistake from the mailing list.


Geneva and Zurich, May 16, 2000

Statutes amended on November 16th, 2002